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Search New Luxury Condo Homes in Toronto for Buy and Sell is known for providing fine property listings of luxury homes and New luxury condos for sale in the GTA Toronto. Recognized by industry leaders and media alike we are setting standards, for buying and selling of Luxury Homes and Luxury Condos in Toronto. The easy access on this site to the extensive list of Brand New Luxury Condos, homes for sale will enable you to search,  browse and select unique luxury properties within  the GTA Toronto.

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Toronto Luxury Homes & Condos
Luxury homes, Condos and Estates or sometimes simply called luxury properties is  loosely used terminology in the real estate industry for properties offering luxury life style living for rich, famous and other upper end of the socio-economic group of people in a society.

At one time, term, million dollar homes was synonymous with luxury homes and condos, but with inflation, million dollar home  has lost its significance as a luxury home.  When the average  home price was $25,000,  a million dollar home was a luxury home, however,  now there are areas where even an entry level home cannot be bought with a million dollars.

The price of a luxury home varies from city to city and from country to country.   In smaller towns, an estate with a pool, a Tennis courts and a quality home with high end finishes and all the bells and whistles still can be had for under a million dollar while one will have to pay several million dollars for such a home  in any of  the big cosmopolitan cities of North America.  So it is not the price that decides the luxury status of the property, rather  it is the life style that a property can offer as compared to some internationals measures of luxury.
Here below are some measures of luxury accepted by the society:

1.    Size
2.    Finish
3.    Features
4.    Surroundings
5.    View
6.    Amenities
7.    Proximity
8.    Schools
9.    Peaceful and Quiet Living
10.    Unwanted commercialization
11.    Architectural significance
12.    Historical Appeal
13.    Surrounding homes
14.    Use  and Access to Technology at the property
15.    Neighbourhood
16.    Exclusivity
17.    Value 

Luxury in the field of real estate is also a relative term and not an absolute term.  While in Sahara and Gobi desert, a central air-conditioning  will be a must for a luxury home or a condo, in the cold areas of  Canada,   a central heating will be the prerequisite for a home or a condo to be called a luxury home. When all things are taken into account,  luxury real estate can easily be defined for a specific area. 

Luxury real estate market has remained less than 5% of the total real estate market for most cities in Canada and across the world. When an area comprises of multimillion dollar homes and condos, all homes may fall into the luxury category of homes, the relative status of the luxury home or a condo becomes more important for people seeking  luxury home for the social status

The buyers for regular, ordinary  real estate are normally local people, however, buyers for  the luxury real estate i.e. houses or a condos,   come from all over the world; e.g. the prime Swiss properties, great cottages in exclusive area of Canada  and stately homes of Scotland are being bought and sold by  international buyers.  The luxury real estate has no boundary for buyers.  That is why luxury homes and condos are advertised and marketed in the international media.

As the luxury real estate requires movement of funds across international borders, the purchase of a luxury home or a condo involving multi-million dollars  is likely to get increased scrutiny from government authorities to safeguard against money laundering and other illegal activities in real estate.

Buying and selling luxury homes and condos is different from selling a regular real estate; at all levels, it needs certain finesse, knowledge of finance and taxation, governmental regulations  and expertise in dealing with affluent people. Luxury  real estate also takes more time to buy and more time to sell simply because the number of  buyers and sellers of luxury real estate are a significantly small segment of the total real estate market.

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